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Shipping Instructions

To prepare your film for shipment, you can either prepare the films and package them yourself, or take them to a packaging and shipping vendor, such as Mail Boxes Etc. (Site) or The Packaging Store (Site). If you choose to package the film yourself, we have provided a list of helpful guidelines below. (In addition, UPS has a handy set of packing tips here).

1. Be sure to use a carrier that has a trackable shipping service, ie: UPS, FedEx, DHL, or the U.S. Post Office's Express Mail.
2. Make sure your films are numbered in the order you want them to be transferred (if nessessary).
3. Wrapping or enclosing the films in plastic bags will keep the films dry in the unlikely event that the box becomes wet.
4. Pack the films in a sturdy, preferably double-walled cardboard box, using plenty of styrofoam peanuts or bubble wrap.
5. Make sure you have enclosed a sheet of instructions inside the box that also has your address and our address on it.
6. DO NOT ship your films in crumpled newspaper.(This is not the best packing material, as it will not return to shape when crushed in shipping)
7. DO NOT label your films with Post-It notes (They will come off, leaving your films un-labeled)
8. Use an oversize box that will allow us to re-use the box to ship the completed films and tapes back to you. This helps us keep the shipping costs low and is also better for the environment.
9. Make sure the address labeling on the outside of the box is clear and easy to read. (A printable shipping label is available here.)