West Allegheny Baseball League

Minor League Rules

  1. Pitching rubber will be 46 ft. from the plate.
  2. Mound cannot be higher than 6".
  3. Bases are 60 feet in distance.
  4. Only Official Little League bats are allowed. Maximum dimension are 2 ¼" round and length 33". No big barrel bats.
  5. Catchers must wear a cup for protection, headgear must be full size, not a skullcap, and also the mask must have some type of throat protection device.
  6. No balks.
  7. An infield fly rule does not apply.
  8. Runners may not leave base until the ball is past the batter. If caught leaving early, play is dead and runner must return to base. 1st offense is a Team warning; 2nd offense runner is out.
  9. No necklace is allowed outside of jersey. No jewelry allowed on hands, wrist, ears, tongue, etc, etc. Umpires have been told to enforce
  10. Team will use four (4) outfielders (no rover). If only 9 players or less must use three (3) outfielders
  11. Outfielders must be 20 feet behind infielders.
  12. Teams must field (8) players or forfeit game. 
  13. A regulation game consists of six (6) innings. In case of a tie game, game continues subject to field availability. If it affects another teams playing time,
  14. your game will stop 15 minutes before the next game starting time slot. If the tie continues, a new game will be rescheduled. The game will start from where game was

    left off. (Pitchers can be reused but innings pitched in games declared no contest or regulation drawn shall be charged against pitcher eligibility for that week.

  15. Home team is responsible for umpires. If a rain out occurs, Home team calls umpires.
  16. Bunting is allowed, but no slash bunting is allowed. Batter is out for first offense and ball is dead.
  17. Continuous batting order. Line-up will include all players dressed for the game whether or not players are scheduled to play in the field (defense) in that inning. Will leave this rule
  18. open until after signups to see if any Associations have 13 or more players on the roster.

  19. Free substitution is permitted.
  20. There will be no borrowing of players from another Minor League teams. A team may bring up a maximum of (3) players from the Instructional League
  21. to field a team of nine (8) players. No call-ups are allowed if team has enough to play with.

  22. All players in attendance at the game start must play at minimum 3 defensive innings.
  23. Stealing is allowed, except home. Stealing will start on at the beginning of season. No stealing will be allowed for the winning team if there is a ten run lead.
  24. A team warning will be given, when a batter throws a bat, the next time, the batter is out.
  25. Advancement (except on steals) runners on overthrows are allowed of all bases including home.
  26. All throws from catcher to pitcher are live. A hit ball is live until pitcher returns to the rubber. Remind pitchers, that they cannot catch a ball on the rubber.
  27. Pitching regulations are in accordance with Little League Rules.
  1. Any player on the team can pitch.
  2. A player may pitch a maximum of 6 innings in a calendar week. Sunday through Saturday.
  3. Delivery of a single pitch constitutes having pitched (1) inning.
  4. A player once removed, as a pitcher may not pitch again in the same game.
  5. No restrictions on the number of 10 year olds who can pitch in the same week. A 10-year-old player can only pitch in maximum of 2 innings per game.
  6. No restrictions on the number of 9 year olds who can pitch in the same week. (A 9 yr. old must pitch minimum of 2 innings per game 1st – 4th)
  7. A maximum of seven (7) walks an inning, and then pitcher must be removed.
  8. Only (3) hit batters per pitcher per game, then on the third hit batter of the game or the second of the inning, the pitcher must be removed from the mound.

Coaches may agree to waive rule.

  1. Any player not playing due to sickness, injury or disciplinary action by the manager must be reported to the opposing team manager, before or during the game.
  2. A manager is not obligated to play a player if he comes after the 3rd inning. Subject to rule #17. Player will enter at the bottom of batting order.
  3. All runners should try to avoid any unnecessary contact or a flagrant foul by either sliding or going around a player. A player can be ejected from the game if a flagrant foul or unnecessary contact.
  4. Foul and abusive language is also means for an ejection. Umpires have been informed.
  5. Throwing any equipment and removing helmet while ball is in play. First offense team warning, second offense player is removed from game. Umpires have been informed.
  6. No fake tags. If defensive player places his glove down and brings glove up before tagging player, player should be called safe. No hiding of ball in glove, then tagging base runner. First offense team warning, second defensive player is removed from game.
  7. Scorebooks will be exchanged at start of the game if any questions concerning pitcher eligibility over innings he can pitch. Call commissioner if any eligibility is in questioned.
  8. Umpires must call games behind the plate. If no umpires’ shows up for the game, then a coach or a parent should handle the umpiring. Umpires should be a minimum age of 13 years old. Each association is responsible for paying umpires.
  9. Managers are urged to take precautions to prevent protest. When protest is imminent the potential offender should be notified immediately. Protests
  10. must be made before the next pitch. If game is protested, managers and umpires sign book and game will resume. The 3-member board will hear protest and make decision then.

  11. No appeals on plays if only one umpire is used.
  12. Blood Rule in affects, and applies to coaches, umpires and players. Players will be given at least 15 minutes grace period or player will be removed but allowed to return.
  13. Maximum time for games is 2 hours and 15 minutes; this rule will only apply when there is another game schedule.
  14. 10 run rule after 4 ½ innings. Playing requirements waived if ten-run rule is applies. If both coaches agree, rule can be waived
  15. 4 ½ innings is a complete game in case of rain. If less innings are played, the game will be reschedule and the game will start from the beginning.
  16. Ground rules for each field should be consistent for all games during seasons.
  17. Pitchers cannot have a batters glove on pitching hand, but can have on glove hand. Pitcher cannot have white wristbands or white sleeves on while pitching.
  18. Also try to make sure no pitchers have white or gray on their gloves.

  19. If roster additions are needed after season has started, the team manager will inform all other teams. 3-member board from league must agree.
  20. A $50 dollar fee per team to help pay for trophies. Money only to be used for trophies.
  21. A 1st, 2nd, 3rd trophies and 4th place medallions will be handy out at the end of year Tournament.
  22. Moved to Rule #52.
  23. Managers of both teams will call the Secretary and give pitchers and scores. This must be done ASAP. This rule will be done by email
  24. or phone. Team can appeal if no data is on pitcher. Then pitcher in question can not pitch in game in questioned. Managers who do not report scores and pitching

    statistic will be reported to their association for discipline actions.

  25. The Scheduler will insert end of year tournament at the end of season, but before the All-Star Season begins starts. (Type of tournament will based on how many teams
  26. play in The West Allegheny Baseball League, teams will pick seeding from hat) rules from regular season will apply to end of year tournament. All league managers or

    coaches should be present for drawing of tournament bracket. The association that hosts the end of year tournament will keep revenue and pay cost to run tournament.

    The host association will be responsible to man the concession stand for the tournament. Tournament will be played at Findlay Fields for the 2004 season.

  27. No splitting of concession stand money during the regular season.
  28. Each Association must split their roster as even as possible for 10 and 9 year olds. Each Association will setup own rules for drafting.
  29. WABL has the right to make Association even out teams; if the rest of the league feels that team does not fit rule #48.

  30. Maximum 14 games will be played in this league. There might be a single division or two divisions; this will be decided when rosters are turned in.
  31. Each year 3-member board must meet to go over rules to modify or change.
  32. League will be named West Allegheny Baseball League. 
  33. Each Association will have at least 2 representatives on all-star team. Team will be funded for 2 tournaments, baseballs and uniforms. Anymore, team will
  34. pick up cost. Fees for each Association will be based on how many players from each make the team. For example: Findlay has 3, Oakdale has 3 and North Fayette has 6. North

    Fayette will fee will be ½ the cost, while Oakdale and Findlay will be ¼ the cost.

  35. The rotation of All-Star Managers will be pick from a hat the first year. (2003) The results are: North Fayette, Oakdale then Findlay. If a Association
  36. does not want there turn at managing the team, then the next Association in line will take there place, but will not lose it place for following year all-star team.

  37. The rotation for The 2004 Minor League officers are as follows:
  1. Treasury (Oakdale) to handle fees of league pays invoices from All-Star tournaments.
  2. Scheduler (Secretary) to set up schedule for regular season, and end of year tournament.
  3. Secretary (North Fayette) needs to chart pitching statistics and meeting minutes of League.
  4. Commissioner (Findlay) to help organize league affairs, to order trophies and All-Star supplies. (Shirts, hats, socks, and Baseballs)
  1. Board member is chosen from own Association rules. Example: The Commissioner or at large member from North Fayette will be a member and have authority to make rules.
  2. Each Association will submit 2 players that will be automatically be placed on each All-Star team Roster. The managers and coaches from the WABL then will submit a max of 4
  3. players from each age group. Once players are submitted and a discussion with league managers and coaches, the managers and coaches of the All-Star Teams will roster the

    players they pick. The picking of the teams will happen before the June 1. Picking of tournaments that the WABL plays in will happen at the May’s meeting.

  4. League season will start on Monday April 26 thru June 18. End of year tournament will start on Thursday, June 24.

These rules are as complete and accurate as possible. However, when situations arise that are not specifically covered by the Little League rules or our special rules, settle them within the spirit of these rules. If a dispute arises and a mutual agreement cannot be made, take the play over rather than argue. The whole intention of this league is to teach fundamental baseball, teamwork, and above all, good sportsmanship. The youngsters learn a great deal by watching our behavior. With these goals in mind, this will be an enjoyable and rewarding season.