North Fayette Athletic Association

2004 Fall Baseball Registration


By mail:                              By Phone:

North Fayette Athletic Association            Michael

3516 Fox Chase Drive                  724-695-2954

Imperial, PA 15126


Need extra sign-up forms, go to web site


Any application will be honored only if rosters have not been filled.

(Fall Baseball season starts in Mid August and ends in Mid October.  Games are played on weekends during school year)


Note: $100.00 maximum per family

League:  Baseball               

                        Age as of July 31

                                                      Parents: If interested in helping,

___Minor                (Ages 8-9)    $45.00                        check here:

___Little               (Ages 10-11)  $45.00                                    _____Manager

___Pony                 (Ages 12-13)  $45.00

___Colt                 (Ages 14-15)  $65.00                                    _____Coach


      All rostered NFAA players will receive a

ญญญ      discount coupons from Dicks Spoting Goods

      on all purchases of regularly priced baseball    

      and softball equipment!


Player's Name __________________________________________________________ Current Age____


Date of Birth___________ญ______ Shirt Size (circle one):  (XS,S,M,L,XL,XXL) Youth or Adult?


Parent/Guardian Name _________________________________ญญญญญ_______ Phone______-________________


Parent/Guardian Name ________________________________________ Phone______-________________




Insurance Company (in case of emergency) _________________________________________________


We, the undersigned, in consideration of North Fayette Athletic Association, hereby agree to save and hold harmless the Association and its Officers, Directors, Managers, Coaches, and Members from and against any and all liability, damages, loss, claims, demands, and actions of any nature which arise out of or are connected with membership in the Association.


________________________________________        _____________

      Signed                                   date



VOLUNTEERS run this organization!  We need your help in the concession stands, and on the field.  Check your newsletter, or come to any NFAA meeting

(First Wednesday of every month at 8:00 PM at the North Fayette Community Center), for more information.

Payment must accompany application.  There is a $20.00 charge for returned checks. 

No application will be accepted if any balance from prior NFAA functions is past due. 

No refunds after the first game of the season; any fees incurred by NFAA will be subtracted from refund.