WAYBA Summer Basketball Registration – 2004




(Mail in Registration Only !!!!   - There will be no in-person registration)


Registration Fee - $35 per athlete (if jersey is to be purchased)

$25 per athlete (if athlete already has a reversible jersey from Winter season)

Registration must be received by May 10, 2004




Name:  ___________________________________________________ Age:  _______ Sex (M/F): ____

Phone:  __________________________________________________  Grade (as of Sept 2004): ____

Parents:  ________________________________________________   Shirt Size:  _________________

(please indicate if you currently have a shirt and the number)


E-mail:  ________________________________________________________________________________

                              (if volunteering to coach – e-mail address is required)


Volunteers needed: __________ Coach (required to referee)         __________ Referee only


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The Draft for the summer session will take place the week of May 17th so that all players can be contacted the week of May 24th.  Therefore, any applications received after May 17th will not be accepted.  Summer session will begin on Saturday June 5, 2004.  In June, each team will play their games on either Saturday or Sunday mornings.  In July, each team will play their games on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday evenings.  Each team will play only one game per week and this game should last approximately 1 hour.  (There may be some exceptions)  Boys and girls will not play on the same team.  All games will be played on the outdoor courts by the North Fayette Township building (near the police station). The first weekend in June will be practice and the last week in July will be playoff games.  The number of players on a team, as well as, the number of teams, will be determined by the number of students registered and the number of volunteer coaches.  We prefer to have only 10 players (at the most) to a team, but this is only possible if there are enough coaches.  In order for the teams to have equal amounts of talent, we will not honor special requests (ie… to be with a certain coach or player). We have honored these requests in the past, but it gets increasingly hard to do so and we have received quite a few complaints; therefore, we will not do so beginning with this summer session.  The summer session is for developing skills, learning the game and having fun.  Please feel free to give anyone interested in playing a copy of this form if they do not already have one. 


Mail forms to and make checks payable to:  WAYBA, c/o Anna Herman – 406 Farmcrest Dr. – Oakdale, PA  15071   Any questions, phone (412) 494-0551